Viktoria Modesta – Prototype [Subtitled]

Music, English, Subtitled Video By May 08, 2023

Artist: Viktoria Modesta (Viktorija Moskaļova)
Location: United Kingdom
Copyright: Modestar Records
Licensing: Modestar Records

Subtitled music video


Another life filled with parts,
circuit board connecting hearts.
Nostalgia for the future.
We’re playing God, and now’s the time.
We’re limitless, we’re not confined.
It’s our future.
I’m the pro-
I’m the prototype.
I’m the pro-
I’m the prototype.
I’m the pro-
I’m the prototype.
I’m the pro-
I’m the prototype.
Provocatively, I deny your effort.
I’m dedicated.
‘Cause I’m not restricted by your method,
I ain’t another project.
Just messing with your logic.
I’m progressive, not aggressive.
Stop limiting yourself with your ambition.
Your insults, they just give me ammunition.
I got a full clip and a hot whip.
Are you ready, ’cause we’re going on a guilt trip?
Assemble me, piece by piece.
Strip away the incomplete.
The model of the future.
Colliding minds, it’s just a start.
Feel the sparks, we’re building art.
It’s the vertigo of freedom.

Katarzyna Dovganyuk

Somewhat Belarusian, wholly Polish. I like writing, drawing and other doodling. Living with the daily struggles of the combination of non-24, ME/CFS and SPCD.