Ruslana – I Am Alive [2023 Remaster – Subtitled]


Artist: Ruslana
Country: Ukraine
Copyright: Ruslana S. Lyzhychko (Independent)

Subtitled music video


Where am I?
Where are you?
Who am I?
Who are you?
Why are we dreaming?
Where are we running to?
Why did I come to life?
Why am I alive?
Why, why are we?
Who are you?
Who is me?
We whisper:
“Why? Why? Why?”
All the sky is mine
The night with blue eyes.
Afraid of the sunrise
Take me this night.
Make all dreams bright.
Dear, my excited heart,
never turn back, never become dark.
The shine of the stars is visible.
The clouds are rising.
The sun is the shallot.
And the vultures believe it
I close my eyes for a moment and wake up.
I have in my heart that which never dies.

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