Little Comets – Salt [Subtitled]

In memory of Daniel Pełka.

Subtitled music video


Pick up on my nuanced groans
Rip apart my soiled interior walls
Given I’m a sack of bones
Maybe you should have excoriated home?

The system that I need to cope
Shatters me with every idiom
Suffering a cope to hope
Silent at the time I needed it the most

Let them bleed me
Feed me salt
Under the table

Miss a bit
Miss a bit out
Miss a bit
Miss a bit out

Keep me as a prescient ghost
Watching over the familial
Speak of me in loud, clear tones
I’m the boy who was invisible to all

And if grief can’t reach you
Then lamentable it is to your home
What if grief can’t teach you?
Then I’m powerless to leave you alone
From these walls

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