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KSHMR – Jammu

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Artist: KSHMR (Niles Hollowell-Dhar)
Original language: Bangla / Bengali
Copyright: Spinnin’ Records
Licensing: Warner Music Group
Translator notes: There are other ways to interpret this song. I attempted to translate it in a manner that would be comprehensible to individuals outside of our area. This is my very first translation, not just for this blog. I ask for forgiveness for any errors or omissions.

Music video with English subtitles

Bangla lyrics

চলে গেলে সোনার গৌর।
আমি হৃদয়ে রাখবো কি?
আর তো পাবো না।
মনে পড়ে

English translation

When (s)he left, the golden heritage was lost.
What shall I keep in my heart?
I won’t get it/her back ever again.
I remember.

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