, Introducing our authors: Noa and Aleksander, Calmth Music

Introducing our authors: Noa and Aleksander

As a wave of shyness hit Aleksander, I will be writing both of our introductions. Hopefully, it will bring some transparency into who we are. Be aware, we support inclusion and detest every form of discrimination, so our openness might be more than expected.

Introducing: Aleksander

Also known by the short forms of Aleks and Sasha, Aleksander is our author of Belarusian nativity. Born in Polotsk slightly over 13 years ago, Aleks would come to live in Poland due to his biological mother fleeing their biological father after the neglect and abuse she, Aleks, and his siblings experienced. Aleks has since left all of his Belarusian origin behind him and is in all others ways able to be called Polish. After the loss of his biological mother, he and his biological sisters would become available for adoption, after which he and his older sister found their forever family. His younger sister was adopted by a different family before this, though. Their bonds were restored in 2022 through dialogue with the mother of his younger sister.

Aleksander’s first language is Polish but he is skilled in German, English, and Ukrainian languages. He does speak Russian but prefers to not use this language due to his upbringing and wanting to detach himself from it. He subtitles and translates music in these 4 languages for this blog. However, he is most active in regard to Ukrainian content due to the high amount of requests we receive for specifically him to do this content.

The reason for the high amount of requests for Aleks to do translations is a fact that we have not shared with anyone online but our partners, sponsors, and contacts: Aleksander is medically deaf.
While his hearing aids help improve his hearing greatly, they are not perfect. And it’s therefore not without a reason that he’s often helped with confirming if texts are indeed sung in songs as he believes they are. In some other situations, the lyrics we receive from our partners are verified at their side to avoid difficulty for Aleks.

Beyond deafness, which comes from a genetic condition Aleks was born with, he also deals with autism spectrum disorder and dyslexia. But he is in every way just a regular boy. Aleks loves dancing and playing association football, goes to school, and spends a lot of his time with his current boyfriend. Aleks is bisexual and hopes to become an engineer as he grows older.

Introducing: Noa

With my name, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I was born and raised in the State of Israel. I have lived in Tel Aviv since the day I was born almost 14 years ago. And I choose to not share my full name on this blog to be able to do what I love without any connection to my family’s name. What I do should be my own.

Music is not something unique to my family as I am the daughter of musicians. My parents’ hope was for me to go the same way in life, but God had other plans. I was born with a genetic condition resulting in both mental and physical peculiarities. Among my peculiarities are severe deficits in my working memory and deafness. This is the reason for my understanding of Aleksander and our closeness.

My first language is Hebrew but I also have an understanding of Arabic, English, Romanian and Italian languages. My parents taught me their own native languages. In their words, it was to spark interest in other people. And because of them, I’ve had an interest in other cultures for as long as I can remember. My dream for the future is to see more of the world, learn about different cultures and experience the beauty which people have to offer.

On this blog, I work primarily with Hebrew and Arabic content. In terms of genres, I prefer rock, metal, alternative, electronic, dance and rap music. On a personal level, I’m straight, but I do have much respect to LGBTQI people. I am not supportive of the pronoun and gender identity movements. To my beliefs, they abuse LGBTQI people and cause them a lot of suffering that they don’t deserve. I’m Jewish by beliefs and hold support to most other Abrahamic religions, such as Islam, Karaism and Yezidism. However, I hold little respect of Christianity due to their unacceptable practice of idolatry. My choice of content might at times show this.

, Introducing our authors: Noa and Aleksander, Calmth Music
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