Dutch language disclaimer

Deze disclaimer is beschikbaar in de Nederlandse taal.

This blog adheres to the Dutch language standards as used by people in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is important to emphasize that our blog does not comply with the regulations of the Dutch Language Union.

The Dutch Language Union is a collaboration between the Netherlands, Flanders (Belgium), and Suriname, with the goal of promoting and regulating the Dutch language. While we respect the Language Union and the work they carry out, we have chosen not to strictly conform to their guidelines.

Our decision to deviate from the Language Union norms is based on the fact that we want to focus on the language as it is used by people in the Netherlands and Belgium. We understand that there are regional differences and language variations within these countries, and we aim to create an inclusive environment where different forms of Dutch are welcome.

We acknowledge that there are situations where strict adherence to the Language Union norms may be necessary, such as in official documents or formal communication. For such cases, we recommend following the Language Union guidelines.

We strive to communicate clearly and comprehensibly in Dutch and try to make as few grammatical errors as possible. If you come across any mistakes or have questions about our language usage, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding and your interest in our blog.