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Stéphane Legar – Comme Ci Comme Ça [French & Hebrew to English translation]

Information Artist: Stéphane Legar (Stéphane Gagba)Location: State of IsraelCopyright: Independent (Stéphane Gagba) Music video with English subtitles Original lyrics (Hebrew script) (Lyrics as we were supplied) ישראל מדהימה אבל קצת לא מושלמתמסתפקים ב “זה מספיק”ככה ככה הפך להיות הטריקלדוגמא בתל אביב יש הכל, אני נשבעאבל זה אף פעם לא ממש מושלם,רגע, תנו לי להסביר:הפקקים ביום ראשון – ככה ככהחופשות הסקי…

Stéphane Legar & Netta – Matematika [Hebrew & French to English translation]

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NF – HAPPY [Subtitled]

Music By Apr 09, 2023

Information Artist: NFLocation: United States of AmericaCopyright: NF Real Music, LLCLicensing: Universal Music GroupNote: Subtitled upon request. Subtitled music video Official lyrics Dear God, pleaseHear me out, I know it’s been a couple yearsSince I’ve reachedOut and said hello, I bet You’re wonderingWhy I keepObsessing on and stressing all the little thingsWhen I should beLiving life and soaking up the…