Nyo Schwachöfer

One annoyingly serious Dutch guy, that's the best way to describe me. Godfather to Katarzyna and Vladislav. Webmaster of the Calmth Music and SnowCalmth blogs. I don't dislike anyone, as I don't want to waste time on people that are not worth it.

YelloPain ft. Jen Miller – Last Time [Subtitled]

Information Artist: YelloPainFeaturing: Jen MillerCopyright: UpFront Media & EntertainmentLicensing: UpFront Media & EntertainmentMore of this artist: Our subtitled videos Subtitled music video Official lyrics Run away again.I can’t keep running from the world,and I know I said that the last time,but this time really is the last time. I know you probably don’t know me,Yeah, I’m really not trying to.but I…

Karel & Matthew Fialka – Hey, Matthew [Subtitled]

An oldie from the 80s. Sadly, the song still remains as factual now as it was then, maybe even more so. And lots of references that make me think back to my own youth. Information Artist: Karel Fialka and Matthew FialkaCountry: United KingdomCopyright: Capitol RecordsLicensing: Universal Music Group Subtitled music video Lyrics [Karel Fialka:]I was sitting with Matthew, we were watching TV.I said;…

Cassandra Kubinski – Not So Different [Subtitled]

Information Artist: Cassandra KubinskiCountry: United States of AmericaCopyright: IndependentNote: With permission, our subtitled version is used on the SnowCalmth blog. Subtitled music video Official lyrics I can be sunshine,even when all you see is rain.I can be silence.Inside I’m calling out your name.Words don’t come easy,but I hear everything you say.Reach out and touch me.I need to feel your heart today.So don’t say that I’m…