Welcome to Calmth Music!

We are thrilled to welcome you to Calmth Music, the continuation of the music section of the esteemed blog SnowCalmth, which first graced the online world in 2015. While SnowCalmth bid farewell to its music translation endeavors in 2022, the indomitable spirit of our authors Vladislav and Aleksander led them to forge their own path and create a brand new blog dedicated to the art of subtitling and translating music. Thus, Calmth Music was born, standing as a testament to our unwavering commitment and heartfelt homage to their father and the original blog.

For seven remarkable years, their father’s musings spanned a diverse range of topics, but it was his profound insights into the human psyche and his extraordinary talent for translating and subtitling music videos that captivated the hearts of his readers. It is this very essence that we carry forward with unwavering passion and dedication on Calmth Music.

Our blog serves as a sanctuary, a space entirely devoted to the enchanting world of subtitled music videos. Here, you will discover a carefully curated collection of videos, some graced with translations, while others adorned with subtitles in their original language. However, what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to showcasing the raw talent of lesser-known artists, particularly those who dwell within the vibrant indie music landscape. We firmly believe that accurate translations and subtitles can illuminate the brilliance of these hidden gems, leading to enhanced exposure and more equitable compensation for their remarkable artistry. Consequently, within our shares, you will not only find captivating music but also avenues to support and champion these gifted individuals.

At Calmth Music, we take immense pride in being a family-based blog, a testament to the deep bonds that transcend bloodlines. The majority of our authors are the cherished, adopted children of the main author of SnowCalmth. While each of us faces our unique challenges and disabilities, we steadfastly believe in the power of self-belief and unwavering determination. It is this unwavering spirit that fuels our passion for curating and sharing exceptional music on this platform. Soon, we will introduce you to each member of our remarkable family through dedicated author pages, allowing you to glimpse into our lives and the stories that shape our journey.

We sincerely hope that this introduction has provided you with a profound glimpse into the essence of Calmth Music. However, we encourage you to immerse yourself in our shares, explore the captivating melodies, and embark on a voyage of musical discovery. We eagerly await your engagement and stand ready to answer any queries or share in the joy of musical conversation. Until then, we extend our warmest wishes for a beautiful and harmonious day ahead.