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Welcome to Calmth Music!

We’re a continuation of the 2015 founded blog SnowCalmth, which in 2022 discontinued sharing translations of music. The idea was raised by our authors Vladislav and Aleksander to start our own blog where we continued to subtitle and translate music. It’s unmistakable that our name is in dedication to this blog and our dad.

In the 7 years of blogging, our dad wrote about several things, but the main attractions to those visiting were his writing on psychological subjects and the translation and subtitling of music videos. This last part is what we have decided to continue on this blog.

This blog is fully focused on sharing subtitled music videos, some translated and some with subtitles in the original language. But unlike the many other sources where you could find subtitled music videos, we work with the original music video and prefer the lesser known artists, especially actually indie artists. A good translation and subtitles can lead to better sales and we do prefer fairer pay for indie artists. It’s therefore that you will almost always find ways to support artists in our shares.

Unlike other similar blogs and websites, we work with the latest technology available. We do in fact optimize and enhance videos when it gives better results. We may even optimize and enhance audio to improve audio quality, as this can be a problem for music videos, even more so when they’re older of age. Our exclusive technology is a system developed for our dad personally which is able to transcribe spoken text even along loud background noise which is the case for music videos. He never used it because of giving up on his blog before he had a chance.

Our blog is fully family-based. Most authors of this blog are the children of the main author of the SnowCalmth blog. They are all adopted and have disabilities. Believing in yourself lets you achieve anything you set your eyes upon. They show so each and every share made on this blog. More about them can be learned through this blog’s authors’ pages, available soon.

We hope this will tell you enough about this blog for now. More can be learned by keeping an eye on our shares and reaching out. For now, we wish you a beautiful day.

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